Desert Dome: Exploring Arid Landscapes in Omaha, NE

An Architectural Marvel

Situated within the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha’s Desert Dome stands as a striking architectural marvel and a beacon of biodiversity. This geodesic dome, one of the world’s largest, houses an extraordinary array of flora and fauna native to arid regions. Its unique design mimics the natural environment, creating a climate-controlled oasis that allows visitors to explore the wonders of desert life. Information can be found here.

Immersive Desert Experience

Upon entering the Desert Dome, visitors are transported into the heart of arid landscapes featuring towering saguaros, spiny succulents, and elusive desert creatures. The exhibit showcases a diverse collection of animals, including camels, reptiles, and birds, each adapted to survive in harsh desert conditions. The immersive experience provides a rare opportunity to witness these fascinating species up close. See here for information about Stingray Beach: A Unique Aquatic Experience in Omaha, NE.

Educational Significance

Beyond its visual appeal, the Desert Dome serves as an educational hub, promoting awareness about desert ecosystems and the importance of conservation. Interactive displays and knowledgeable staff members offer insights into the unique adaptations of desert plants and animals, highlighting the delicate balance of these ecosystems and the need for preservation efforts.

Conservation and Research

The Desert Dome actively contributes to global conservation initiatives. It supports research programs focused on desert species, striving to enhance our understanding of their behavior and biology. By engaging visitors in the conservation conversation, the exhibit encourages a sense of responsibility toward protecting these vital ecosystems and their biodiversity.


Omaha’s Desert Dome offers a captivating journey through arid landscapes, showcasing the beauty and resilience of desert flora and fauna. Its blend of education, conservation, and immersive experiences makes it a must-visit destination, allowing visitors to appreciate the wonders of the desert and inspiring a collective commitment to preserving these extraordinary environments.