Kiewit Luminarium: A Dazzling Art Installation in Omaha, NE

The Kiewit Luminarium in Omaha, Nebraska, is an extraordinary inflatable art installation that mesmerizes visitors with its luminous beauty. This immersive experience is a testament to the intersection of art, architecture, and technology. Omaha, NE can be seen here. 

Artistic Creation

Designed by British artist Alan Parkinson and produced by Architects of Air, the Kiewit Luminarium is a labyrinthine structure made of colorful and translucent PVC material. It features a series of interconnected domes and tunnels, each filled with radiant, natural light. Click here to read about Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Headquarters: Tracing the Expedition in Omaha, NE.

Cathedral-Like Spaces

Inside the luminarium, visitors are transported into a world of vibrant colors and intricate geometric patterns. The cathedral-like spaces create an otherworldly atmosphere where light and color interact to create a sensory wonderland.

Interactive Experience

The installation encourages interactive exploration. Visitors can wander through the winding passages, relax in alcoves of light, and marvel at the radiant hues that change with the sun’s angle.

Community Engagement

The Kiewit Luminarium often serves as a venue for cultural events, art workshops, and educational programs. It fosters community engagement and appreciation for the arts.

A Unique Artistic Journey

The Kiewit Luminarium in Omaha, NE, offers a unique artistic journey that appeals to all ages. Whether captivated by its dazzling colors, intrigued by its architectural marvels, or simply seeking a serene escape, this inflatable masterpiece promises a remarkable and unforgettable experience.