Stingray Beach: A Unique Aquatic Experience in Omaha, NE

Discovering Stingray Beach

Omaha, Nebraska, might not have a coastline, but it offers a remarkable aquatic experience at Stingray Beach. Located within the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Stingray Beach allows visitors to interact with these gentle marine creatures in a safe and educational environment, making it a must-visit destination for families and animal enthusiasts. Learn information about Omaha, NE.

Hands-On Stingray Encounters

Stingray Beach provides a hands-on encounter with stingrays, allowing visitors to touch and feed these fascinating sea animals. The shallow, crystal-clear pool offers a chance to observe their graceful movements up close. Educators and staff members are on hand to share interesting facts about stingrays, their habitats, and conservation efforts, making the experience both enjoyable and informative. Discover facts about Joslyn Castle & Gardens: A Historic Gem in Omaha, NE.

Interactive Learning

Apart from stingrays, Stingray Beach provides an interactive learning experience about marine life and conservation. Visitors can gain insights into the importance of preserving ocean ecosystems and the role stingrays play in maintaining ecological balance. The exhibit promotes awareness about marine conservation and encourages visitors to appreciate and protect the world’s oceans.

Safe and Family-Friendly

Stingray Beach ensures a safe and family-friendly environment. The exhibit is designed with the utmost care to guarantee the well-being of both visitors and stingrays. Knowledgeable staff members oversee the interactions, ensuring everyone has a memorable and secure experience while learning about these magnificent sea creatures.


Stingray Beach offers a unique and enriching experience in the heart of landlocked Omaha. Its focus on education, conservation, and hands-on encounters makes it a standout attraction, allowing visitors to connect with the ocean’s wonders and fostering a deep appreciation for marine life and its preservation.